Ubinskie raspevi” Festival", 1-12 of July, 2015, Poperechnaja village

Festivals are a very effective instrument for promotion of tourist potential of rural areas. Get-together events were traditionally held in the Poperechnaja village and in many other remote villages. Hence, festivals can revive this tradition and help to demonstrate rich local culture and traditions to visitors, including tourist companies and journalists who can be invited to take part. In order to prepare and to arrange a pilot festival and to catalyse tourism development in Poperechnaja village, special mission by the project partner NSA Sosna and volunteer camp leaded by representative of Machaon International was organised. Festival  was organised in close cooperation with Museum of Architecture and Ethnography of East-Kazakhstan Region and oblast and district akimats.





The festival was attended by artists, craft masters, musicians and volunteers from different parts of Kazakhstan, Slovakia and Russia. A special ceremonial programme was opened by the deputy head of the Ridder district and representatives of project partners, local communities and guests. The day programme also included fair, master-classes and performances of 11 folkl