“Ubinskie raspevi” Festival": 1-16 of July, 2016,


In order to improve capaciity of local team to organise festivals in sustainable basis Machaon International partly supported II festival “Ubinskie raspevi” in Poperechnaja village. Main organisers of festival were Boomerang and  Museum of Architecture and Ethnography of East-Kazakhstan Region, Eatern Altai Nature reserve and oblast and district akimats. 

Festival focused on promotion of local culinary heritage, folklore and eco-tourism services of the village*

The main programme of the festival included the performance of folk bands who came from all over East Kazakhstan. There were also more than 15 craftsmen from East Kazakhstan. A wide variety of souvenirs were represented at the festival. Also, most masters conducted workshops for all comers.

Perhaps the most important achievement of the festival is that it was held mainly by the local action group and the fact that the 7 local residents managed to earn a lot on selling their agricultural products (according to an interview, each farmer involved in serving the festival guests earned approximately as much as he/she receives in six months of his/her normal farming activities).

Thus, the festival contributed to the growth of the "internal" market for farmers' products on the spot. Therefore, in 2017 local residents, with the support of the akimat and local entrepreneurs, held a festival without any grant support, and they have a strong motivation to continue organizing the festival, and regional authorities and other partners seem to be ready to support them. 

In addition, the holding of festivals contributed to the fact that the Akimat of the district made a decision to allocate about 120 thousand euros for running a water pipe to the village, which will substantially support the development of ecotourism.