Development of guest houses

In the Katon-Karagay district, training "Guest services for visitors’  was organised and led by EcoAltai on 5-6 December 2014. 49 people took part in theoretical part of the training and 23 people in the practical part. In February 2015 a mini-grant competition for support of guest houses was organised. 4 guest houses were selected and are now in the process of improvement and refurbishment.

3-days trainings for owners of guest houses  were organised in Architectural and Ethnographical museum-reserve in September 2015. The training programme included the following topics:

  •  key marketing issues in rural tourism: consumers and their key expectation - authenticity;
  •  guest houses and services for tourists, their classification; 
  •  design and equipment of guest houses: traditions and innovations sanitary and hygienic issues;
  •  traditional cuisine – «the best» of  hospitality;
  •  landscape design of yards.

In addition, special expedition was organised to address improvement of guest houses. 5 guest houses were inspected by a ethnographer who shared professional advice in traditional design for guest houses.