Expert field expedition in the pilot village Poperechnaja (Ridder district)

In order to prepare and to arrange a pilot festival and to catalyse tourism development in Poperechnaja village, special mission expedition by the project partner NSA Sosna  from  Slovakia was organised.   

Firstly, representatives of Sosna made acquaintance with the village and its surrounding territory and visited several houses considered and evaluated as candidates for eco-tourism services. Then, they had discussions with villagers and owners of houses, and  inspected other local potentials. Significant part of their work was to help with preparation of the festival (Activity 3). Sosna had also opportunities to visit the broader surroundings of the village and to consult other parties involved in the development of the region, including management of the Western Altai Nature Reserve.

Results of the activities

-          Recommendations for rural and ecological tourism in Poperechnaja (Annex 26). Sosna prepared a report with recommendations how to improve the current state of services in the village, including following areas: Accommodation, waste and water management, hygiene and sanitation, safety for tourists, programs for visitors, networking among local providers of services, food provision to foreign guests, etc.

-          A tourist brochure concept – a concept for a tourist brochure, including a map and information for tourists was prepared. The design layout of the brochure was introduced and approved by local actors. Sosna worked upon the suggested content of the material including a list of safety advice and information for tourists to be developed in cooperation with local actors. Hence, to complete the brochure, additional material and input has to be collected with active participation of local actors. Sosna prepared a list of this additional material, which Sosna was not able to collect, due to limited resources and time. The local actors have acknowledged the missing resources, and are set on the course to provide the material within the development of the Network of providers of services.