Stakeholders coordination meeting, Ust-Kamenogorsk, February, 8, 2016 with 32 participants

The meeting was hosted and led by the Akimat of East Kazakhstan oblast in collaboration with NGOs TEC and Machaon International. The meeting was aimed at sharing information and at developing common plans for preparation of tourism products for guests of EXPO 2017. Representatives from key stakeholders (Katon-Karagai national park, Western Altai nature reserve, LAs, local entrepreneurs, cultural and educational institutions, 2 municipal authorities) were attended.



Conference contributed to increased awareness and understanding of the topic of Rural tourism for 8 representatives of LRAs and other stakeholders which participated in the conference.   The conference achieved an important result - it has continued mutually-benefiting cooperation (Public Council in SRTD) based on common interests in the theme of rural development and shared understanding for benefits of networking.