Training for staff of protected areas, scientific institutions, museums, NGOs and local people “Ecosystem services of nature and regional development” Ridder, Poperechnoje, August 7-8, 2016

The Western Altai State Nature Reserve in cooperation with Machaon International (Slovakia), the East Kazakhstan Regional Architecture, Ethnographical and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve (Ust-Kamenogorsk), the KEO "Boomerang", the Straznice Local Initiative Group (Czech Republic), the Wildlife Conservation Center (Russia) and with the support of the magazine "Wind of Wanderings" (Alma-Aty, Ridder) conducted a scientific and practical seminar where the discussion of the current concept of ecosystem services and their importance for the work of protected areas and the sustainable development of Altai was held.



Thanks training, 29 people trained, modern concept of ecosystem services and its implications for sustainable development of the region was discussed with local residents, NGOs and SPNR staff. Analysis of the experience of ecosystem services assessment in Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe arranged and data for informational and educational brochures on ecosystem services for the Ridder region and the Western Altai Reserve (selection of regional examples illustrating the value of ecosystem services; the development of proposals for the inclusion of examples of ecosystem services as part of ecological trails in the vicinity of the Poperechnaja village) were collected. The brochure developed, printed and disseminated to regional protected areas, LRAs, scientific and educational institutions, museums, NGOs .